Our Students

Our Students

We offer something to students from all walks of life, various ages and different nationalities. Here are some reviews from the first students to arrive to L’Ecole de Langue Chalabre  

“We have recently bought a house in France and plan to relocate there eventually.  With very rusty GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education) level French I decided to take some French classes at the L’Ecole de Langue Chalabre. My teacher, Francois, was very friendly and enthusiastic, putting me at ease immediately. The lesson was well structured and we started off by an assessment of my conversational ability followed by some written multiple choice questions. He very quickly ascertained my level and in the following lessons really helped me to refresh the fundamentals of my earlier knowledge and then take it to the next level. I felt I had a reasonable amount of vocabulary, but had forgotten the correct forms for the various tenses. Whilst focusing on conversation the exercises that we did enabled me to grasp the grammar and use it with confidence.

I would absolutely recommend this course and I will certainly return to L’Ecole de Langue Chalabre when I am in France to continue improving my French.”


“This past year I was able to take classes at L’Ecole de Langue Chalabre while visiting my mother for the summer. My teacher Francois immediately got me and the other students in the classroom talking. Then he would speak to us mostly in French throughout the class. Because of this I really felt my conversational French improved, as well as my ability to form my own sentences on the spot. Francois customized the classes according to our abilities, making the classwork challenging and productive.

During my time at the Château we went swimming in the pool, played pétanque in the garden, camped at Lac Montbel, and biked on the nearby Voie Verte. We frequently went to markets and spent time around the village, practicing my French just by being in the environment.”


“I am a travelling young man, writing a book about France, which follows my on-foot journey across the very same country. I was one of the first students to attend classes in the Chateau, which is grand and elegant.  What a simple luxury to be taught in such an environment surrounded in an authentic French village.

I was instantly impressed with the teacher’s ability to bring together a class of students of varying age and levels under a style taught with such “joie de vivre”. The classes were small and personable and our teacher, Francois, was able to bring each student into a conversation.  The lessons really gave me a greater confidence in the French I already knew, yet at the same time greatly expanded my knowledge of words, situations, grammar and common parlance.

I cannot recommend this experience enough for the student, the traveller, and the tourist! 


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