Our English Courses

L’Ecole de Langue offers a variety of cultural and professional instruction and learning experiences in English while staying in France.

All teachers are native speakers and classes include pronunciation as a focus. We ask all students (except beginners) complete a placement test before registering for a course.

Students are placed in classes, which are customized for all levels and ages.  Private instruction is available on request.We specialize in creating experiences for a family, a student class, a touring group or business professionals.

With our world becoming more global, there is an increasing demand for English
speaking on every continent.  In Europe there are more international companies than ever, with business professionals expected to conduct business in English. The English has acquired lingua franca (the adopted common language) status in international business, computer science, aviation and diplomacy as the most widely spoken language in the world.

For those living on the continent, being able to immerse oneself in English without traveling abroad is not only convenient, it is more affordable.

For Business Professionals:

We envision a 4-day weekend course or a 5-day week course. See descriptions below.

For Students & Groups:

We invite schools or other groups to take advantage of immersion in English with native speakers from every English speaking country: United States, United Kingdom, Australia, Ireland and South Africa. The large ex-pat community in this
region includes English teachers, business professionals, wine guides and
instructors in biking, tennis, skiing, yoga, art and horse riding as well as cooking classes.


This 5-day course provides the most exposure to speaking English. With group
classes of a maximum of 10 students, it offers 3 hours of lessons plus lunchtime with English speakers and 4 afternoon excursions and/or activities such as cooking, yoga, tennis, swimming, horse riding or art taught in English.

This full immersion course will be tailored for beginner, intermediate or advanced students looking to make maximum progress within a week.


This provides 5 mornings of 3 hours of classroom time.  There is the option of adding lunches with teachers or excursions.

This is ideal for those on holiday or on business. This course covers the basics of English conversation for shopping, banking, house hunting or other topics by request.


This intensive course offers private classes that are customized by your teacher.
After completing a basic placement test and a personal interview, a course will be
designed for you.

Please inquire below so that we can start planning your customized immersion program! 

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